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April 2014, I started writing on my blog which was dormant. The obvious choice was Aviation – my passion since childhood. As the readership soared, I was looking for a name to move from blogspot and Network Thoughts was something which clicked well. The idea was to share information and knowledge about Airline Networks – my core strength and to form a network of people who share similar thoughts about Aviation.

My first brush with Aviation was in 1988/89, spotting the lone Indian Airlines flight in tiny city of Aurangabad. There has been no looking back since then on the Aviation front. A hobby which developed into an aspiration to join the armed forces as a fighter pilot, which was partially achieved until I had to leave the training mid-way when the eye sight deteriorated while I was with the Indian Air Force under training.

By 2006, when this happened, I had already started mastering the art of disintegrating a flight schedule into rotations, something which became my profession for a brief period from 2008/9 to 2012, when I worked with Kingfisher Airlines & Go Air post my MBA from University Department of Management Sciences, University of Pune (UDMS – PUMBA). For a short while I also worked with AirAsia Bhd.

Network Thoughts is about research based articles and analysis. You are less likely to find information which is widely covered by the press. If there is nothing that I can add to a press release or an article in the press, I do not cover it here. Policy, Infrastructure, Aviation Network, New routes, traffic are some of the areas which you can read on the site. The site is now ranked in top#50 worldwide for aviation centric websites.

I have worked across companies and roles, with an overall focus on transportation in all its forms, having worked across Airlines, Railways, Public Transport, Parcel & Express Courier, Travel & Hospitality.

Thanks for visiting this page and reading some of the articles. I look forward to hear from you, feedback about the website and articles I write. For advertisement opportunities, please use the contact us section to reach out.

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