IndiGo to have 100 active aircraft on 8th January 2016 – launch flights across network

Indian low cost carrier and market leader IndiGo is adding flights to its network effective January 2016. This will be the airlines 99th and 100th active aircraft in fleet. The airline will launch two rotations in quick succession, with one aircraft being based in Bengaluru (BLR) and another in Hyderabad (HYD). Some of the flights have been open for sale for the last few weeks.

The airlines 99th rotation will be effective 7th January 2016 and will be the 18th aircraft to be based in Bengaluru, its second largest base behind national capital and its hub of New Delhi.

The aircraft will operate 8 flights a day with a utilization of 13 hours and 30 minutes.

6E288 BLR0545 – 0715VTZ D

6E287 VTZ0745 – 0920BLR D

6E313 BLR0955 – 1210AMD D

6E314 AMD1240 – 1445BLR D

6E324 BLR1520 – 1715BBI D

6E324 BBI1745 – 1845CCU D

6E343 CCU1915 – 2020BBI D

6E343 BBI2050 – 2255BLR D

The airline will base its 100th active aircraft in Hyderabad. This will be the airlines 9th aircraft in Hyderabad. All flights do not start on the same day and are progressively introduced from 7th January 2016 to 15th January 2016.

6E428 HYD0445 – 0605BOM D

6E461 BOM0640 – 0800HYD D

6E365 HYD0830 – 0940MAA D

6E365 MAA1020 – 1140TRV D

6E352 TRV1210 – 1525DEL D

6E359 DEL1605 – 1920TRV D

6E455 TRV1950 – 2110MAA D

6E455 MAA2140 – 2250HYD D

The airline has also opened reservation for flights to Kolkata, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad from Delhi which are their 9th, 12th and 6th daily respectively and additional flights on Hyderabad – Mumbai – Hyderabad and Bengaluru – Kolkata – Bengaluru sectors.

The airline will have monopoly on Delhi – Trivandrum – Delhi sector which will be second longest flight in India, behind the bi-weekly Air India regional Port Blair – Delhi on CRJ700. The airline operates one stops to Delhi, one via Kochi and another via Mumbai.

Air Asia India, the Bengaluru based low cost carrier and subsidiary of Air Asia already operates double daily flights on the Bengaluru – Vizag sector with A320. With the new flights, IndiGo will match capacity of Air Asia India. Air Costa is the other operator on the route which operates a daily flight.

On the Bengaluru – Ahmedabad route as well as the Kolkata – Bhubaneswar sector the airline would have three frequencies each. While Air Costa has one flight a day on Bengaluru – Ahmedabad sector, Go Air has one flight on the Bhubaneswar – Kolkata sector.

IndiGo will have 6 flights between Hyderabad and Chennai, a sector which does not see any flights from Jet Airways.

VT-IDO (MSN 2275) manufactured in 2004 landed in New Delhi on wee hours on 14th December 2015. The aircraft has seen service with China Southern, Cyprus Airways, Avion Express and Vueling. The 100th aircraft landed on 24th December 2015 and is registered VT-IDR (MSN 2359). This aircraft has been manufactured in 2006 as well and has seen service with Norwind Airways.

The airline is expected to launch more stations when the Airbus A320NEO, 430 of which are on order starts arriving. The delivery of the Airbus A320NEO has been delayed due to minor issues to its engine as reported by press.

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2 thoughts on “IndiGo to have 100 active aircraft on 8th January 2016 – launch flights across network

  1. S Mukherjee

    Please check the schedule of 2nd pattern in your blog.

    As per IndiGo tweeter post:

    6E306 MAA 08:30 – 09:50 TRV D

    6E352 TRV 10:40 – 13:55 DEL D

    6E533 DEL14:35 – 17:50 TRV D

    6E267 TRV 18:20 – 19:25 MAA D

    1. Ameya Post author

      Thanks. The schedule changes when the whole pattern is put in place. The one mentioned by you is for limited period.